transforming the material world

MODERN MEADOW: An Agent of Change

We act as an agent of change to ease a behavioral shift towards a healthier planet, working with world-class brands to meet their sustainability goals and amplify their impact.

ZOA: Our World of Biofabricated Materials

ZOA is Modern Meadow’s world of materials. Designed in our lab, it is created for both the eco-minded and design conscious. Made with a bio-alloy and assembled with engineered proteins and bio-based polymers, the first premium ZOA product is not only sustainable but also meets our high performance and aesthetic standards.

a pioneer of biofabrication

Our expertise is in understanding proteins - how they can be engineered into advanced bio-based materials. Our biofabrication process creates materials with enhanced performance and sustainability profiles compared to traditional materials.

a catalyst for sustainability

We know that sustainability is a multi-dimensional challenge. That’s why every decision we make during the development of our materials is driven with this in mind. We focus on taking urgent climate action, maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and promoting circularity and a responsible end-of-life.

our philosophy

Our commitment starts with our unique sustainable technologies and stays true to our principles throughout.

what can we grow together?

We are interested in actively exploring partnership opportunities that support shared sustainability goals.

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