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Building the Sustainable Bioeconomy

As biologists and material scientists, we harness the unique properties of proteins to move the world away from petrochemical & animal-derived inputs, leading a shift to the bioeconomy. With our easily-integrated biofabricated materials, companies in the textiles and materials industry no longer have to compromise between sustainability and performance.

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Using the power of proteins, we engineer materials with superior color, performance, and durability while reducing GHG emissions.

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Using the power of natural processes, we develop peptides that activate the body’s regenerative capabilities, increasing youthful collagen while eliminating our reliance on animal-derived ingredients.

a pioneer of biofabrication

We are pioneers of biofabrication, building with biology. At the intersection of biotechnology and material science, we design material solutions for the way we want the future to perform. We harness unique properties of proteins to move the world away from petrochemical & animal-derived inputs, leading a shift to a sustainable bioeconomy.

Modern Meadow Science and Biology
Modern Meadow Sustainability and Extractive Practices

Working to End Extractive Practices

The world is seeking alternatives to petrochemical and animal-derived inputs.

Modern Meadow Biofabricated Materials offer the world a new way forward. By introducing a more effective, more responsible, and readily available supply, we are shifting demand away from extractive practices and toward a sustainable bioeconomy.

But we cannot build a bioeconomy alone. We are partnering with companies developing bio-based supply chains and businesses looking to design for sustainability from the start. Together we can create new coalitions to build out the environmentally conscious alternatives our planet desperately needs.

our philosophy

Our philosophy and sustainability principles help us stay focused on the most critical environmental issues and challenge us to design our products and systems in the most sustainable manner.

Modern Meadow Sustainability Philosophy
Modern Meadow Science and biofabrication


We know we cannot shift dependence away from petrochemical and animal-based inputs alone. If you are working in product or supply chain innovation in a search for more sustainable solutions, let’s start a conversation.

Modern Meadow Brand Coalition and Sustainability

The Latest from Modern Meadow

The Latest from Modern Meadow

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