Modern Meadow wins the 2023 EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Discover the Difference You Can Make Today

Modern Meadow is a climate-tech pioneer creating the future of materials through innovations in biology and material science.

​Our bio-materials technology platform with nature-inspired protein solutions delivers better performance, sustainability, scalability, and cost while reducing reliance on petrochemical and animal-based inputs.​

Modern Meadow offers “plug and play” technologies that can be dropped into existing global manufacturing environments, allowing partners to bring next-gen products to industries such as fashion, footwear, outdoor, and automotive.​

Right now, Modern Meadow bio-materials are helping visionary companies bring high-quality, sustainable products to market. Together, we’re showing the world that bioinnovation drives results.

Read more in our 2022 Impact Report.


Partnering for Positive Impact

As an innovation company, we collaborate with visionary businesses across the supply chain. Together, we’re making existing systems sustainable to deliver real-world solutions today. This is the model for bioinnovation—and these are the leaders making it happen.

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Partner Testimonials
The Bio Revolution

Leading the Way

The question is no longer whether biotech is the answer.

We’ve moved beyond questioning what’s feasible. Instead, people are exploring what’s possible. Together with our partners, we’re pushing the boundaries, developing successful products, and making measurable strides toward a more sustainable future.

The data continues to back up what we’ve known all along: Biotech is not only viable—it is vital to creating a world in which quality, sustainable products are made without animal or virgin petro inputs.

Catalysts of Change

Leverage our expertise in biology and materials science. Build on our platform. Transform your business.

Materials Applications

Better Together

The whole is greater when the parts are revolutionary.

That’s the concept—and the reality—of Bio-Alloy, our proprietary system for combining select proteins with biobased polymers to produce materials that consistently outperform their conventional counterparts.

Stand on the biofabrication platform that lets you create without compromise and maximize your impact. See how solutions made with Bio-Alloy are transforming the fabric of everyday life.

A Platform for Better

To date, Bio-Alloy technology has enabled our partners to produce breakthrough biomaterials at scale while saving significant resources.