Leather re-imagined.

Our Vision

Let’s change the way we think about materials.

Throughout history, material innovation has marked our progress. In the The Stone Age we mastered natural materials like leather, silk and wool, the Plastics Age brought us synthetic polymers, and the Information Age unlocked life itself: DNA. We are now able to tap into nature’s tool kit to create advanced materials ushering us into a new era: The Biofabrication Age. At Modern Meadow we envision creating a world of biofabricated materials that provide infinite design possibilities and, at scale, will have a lighter footprint on the planet.

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Monique De Leeuw Research Associate
Zoa<sup><small><small>TM</small></small></sup> Bioleather Materials

Our Material

ZoaTM Bioleather Materials

At Modern Meadow we’re using the latest tools from biotechnology to build a new world of materials, starting with our first biofabricated materials brand ZoaTM. Biofabricated materials are advanced materials designed and grown from animal free collagen, which can be combined with other natural or manmade materials offering new aesthetic and performance properties.

These material structures can hold to any mold. Create any shape. Take on any texture. Be liquid or solid. Combine with any other materials to be any size, seamlessly.

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Future Materials

Dawn of a new material age.

Starting with our first biofabricated materials brand ZoaTM, we’re inspired by all the aspects of leather we cherish: suppleness, breathability, and patina, while innovating new aesthetics and performance characteristics. Our unique biofabrication process applies the performance of synthetic polymers to the building blocks of nature. The result? The world’s first bioleather materials made without animals.

Unique Material Properties
Tunable features

Tunable features

Our bioleather materials expand design possibilities. ‘Tunable’ materials that can take any shape - a liquid, a solid, a textile with unique new characteristics.

Improved manufacture

Improved manufacture

Bioleather materials produced in precise sizes and shapes. Reliable quality at volume. Waste reduced by up to 80%.

Better for the planet

Better for the planet

We are committed to producing animal-free materials that are thoughtfully sourced and have a lighter footprint on our planet. Each element of our process considers not only the desirability of our materials, but also their environmental impact. Today, our process is still in development, but we anticipate it having advantages over livestock production in terms of land, water usage and CO2 emissions. We are using Life Cycle Analysis to guide our development to ensure that our process is optimized to be maximally efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible.

$100bn global leather raw material market

We believe biofabrication will transform consumer products starting with materials like leather.

Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder and CEO

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