Modern Meadow Closes $40M Series B Round to Commercialize Biofabricated Leather

Leather re-imagined.

Our Technology

Our Vision

Let’s change the way we think about materials.

Leather is a material like no other. Since we first clothed ourselves in animal skins, leather has been prized for its beauty, its functionality, its enduring status. Today leather is a co-product of the meat industry, subject to fluctuations in availability, quality, price, and ever-increasing demand. At Modern Meadow, we’re re-imagining this millennia-old material to have revolutionary new features and be animal-friendly.

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Monique De Leeuw Research Associate

Our Mission

Crafting future leather with biotechnology

We’re using the latest tools from biotechnology to design and build future leather. Our diverse team of scientists, designers, and engineers collaborate to produce sustainable leather materials. Starting with living cells, we grow collagen, the same natural protein found in animal skin, assemble it into a sheet material, and then finish it in a simplified tanning process. We call this ‘biofabrication’. Leather as you’ve never seen before.

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Future Leather

Dawn of a new material age.

We’re re-creating the aspects of leather we cherish: suppleness, breathability, and patina, while innovating new aesthetics and performance characteristics. Our unique biofabrication process applies the performance of synthetic polymers to the building blocks of nature. The result? The world’s first bioengineered real leather made without animals.

Unique Material Properties
Tunable features

Tunable features

Our biofabricated leather delivers material properties unachievable from an animal hide. ‘Tunable’ leathers that are lighter, stronger, thinner, translucent or with unique new textures.

Improved manufacture

Improved manufacture

Leather materials produced in precise sizes and shapes. Reliable quality at volume. Waste reduced by up to 80%.

Better for the planet

Better for the planet

Animal-friendly leather. Drastically reduced land, water, energy, and chemicals. Our pure collagen materials require minimal tanning in an efficient closed-loop system.

$100bn global leather raw material market

We believe biofabrication will transform consumer products starting with materials like leather.

Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder and CEO

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