we couldn't find a sustainable material to meet performance and aesthetic needs

so we decided to create our own

We started from the bottom-up, developing one-of-a-kind technologies which sustainably use plant-derived proteins, the building blocks of nature, to create materials.

From there, we created ZOA, a world of biofabricated materials. ZOA brings sustainable options to a broad range of industries. Built from biology, ZOA can be tuned into a variety of materials for different applications. That’s one of the many benefits of ZOA: it is easily adaptable. It is also climate positive, meaning ZOA is designed to have a positive impact on climate change. When brands work with ZOA for new or existing products, it shows their commitment to sustainability and product innovation, and a desire to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer demands.

collaborating with us

We know we can’t move the needle for sustainable impact on our own. That’s why we’re inviting brands with similar ethoses to partner with us. Modern Meadow has a plan to amplify the sustainable efforts of world class brands through partnerships, and we have already begun the journey.

Each collaboration is like the brand we choose to partner with: unique in its own way. We start by understanding our partners’ needs, what will inspire their consumers and their future product offerings. Then we create sustainable materials to address these needs. This is how a shift in consumer behavior is made, and a shift in consumer behavior speeds up the adoption and impact of sustainable materials.

ZOA works the same way. It seeks out brand partners that share our perspectives on innovative processes, sustainable practices, and goals for the future. And once we find them, that’s when the fun begins.

ZOA makes it easy for brands to connect more deeply with their sustainability goals. We’re looking for new or established disruptive brands seeking to:

• Reimagine product innovation
• Elevate their sustainability practices and accountability
• Prioritize a new wave of consumers eager for sustainable materials

If you fit into one or more of these categories, we would love to connect to see if we’re a right brand partnership fit. Together, we can challenge the status quo.

what can we grow together?