a catalyst for sustainability

Modern Meadow Accelerates Your Sustainability Journey

We design and create materials to help ease the global environmental crisis by leveraging a unique combination of resources. These include our scientific expertise, innovative approach and commitment to measurable improvements in sustainability.

We’ve embedded sustainability-driven decision making at every level of our organization. We believe sustainability starts with sustainable technology. Our innovation process is rooted in developing unique sustainable technologies from the start, selecting each ingredient that goes into our materials, then ensuring we stay true to our principles from development through production.

our sustainability principles

As a pioneer of biofabrication, our goal is to bring the most sustainable and best-performing materials to our brand partners and consumers. We dedicate our expertise to creating ingredients powered by biology and to designing innovative solutions that have a positive impact on climate change. We provide sustainability-driven innovation to industry leaders so their brands can make a positive impact.

“We embrace a holistic, science-based approach to sustainability when creating innovative materials without sacrificing the consumer experience” explains our founder Andras Forgacs.

Together with our partners, we set new heights of accountability to reach another level of sustainability.

take urgent climate action

Our distinct materials and technology ease climate change impacts by minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reducing depletion of fossil fuel resources. As direct livestock emissions alone account for 14.5% of total global manmade GHG emissions, we must do our part to shift away from inefficient animal agriculture, replacing the materials and other co-products from livestock agriculture with more sustainable alternatives. Based on the World Resources Institute, fossil-fuel derived energy production and use also account for ~2/3 of our global manmade GHG emissions. At Modern Meadow, we recognize the need to transition away from both animal-derived and fossil-derived materials and chemicals that are co-produced along the petrochemical supply chain.


Modern Meadow designs one-of-a kind materials and technologies that work to maintain a balanced ecosystem. We strive to source inputs that support the growth of a sustainable bioeconomy without adding pressure to the global agricultural systems already in place. This includes efforts to minimize agricultural land use, freshwater consumption, and eutrophication from waste emissions.

promote circularity and responsible end of life

At Modern Meadow, we start with smart material design and careful selection of both material inputs and suppliers. The development of circular systems reduces depletion of raw materials, encourages production from non-virgin inputs, and minimizes production waste. We also design materials for a responsible End-of-Life (EOL) by promoting reuse and recycling to ensure our materials don’t require long-term landfilling.

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