our philosophy

We Are A Catalyst For Sustainability

We are committed to combining our expertise in biology and technology to create the most sustainable and high performing materials to enable day-to-day consumer adoption.

At Modern Meadow, we believe that regular consumer adoption of environmentally friendly materials is a critical step to slowing climate change and safeguarding the future. We focus on developing materials that make it easy for brands to reimagine their products and connect to their consumers.

“Just being sustainable is not good enough – sustainability must be coupled with optimized performance, aesthetics and accessibility for consumers to adopt. We believe in empowering as many people as we can by making day-to-day sustainable behavior easy,” explains our founder, Andras Forgacs.

By adopting these more sustainable products and becoming an active part of slowing climate change today, consumers directly contribute to preserving our world for tomorrow.

"We believe in empowering as many people as we can by making day-to-day sustainable behavior easy"

andras forgacs,
founder of modern meadow

our values

Our core values help ensure we are working towards a common goal and a bigger purpose. We are committed to exemplifying these standards in the outcomes we achieve and the mindset we keep. Maintaining our values is about who we are today, but it also helps us grow into who we will be tomorrow.


Aim high and commit. We reach for ambitious goals and create a path to achieve them.


We embrace diverse perspectives, even when it is uncomfortable. Every voice matters; every action has impact.


Design-build-test-learn-repeat. Be fearless—every discovery takes us forward. Fail fast, learn faster.


The bigger the challenge, the harder we play. This is our passion, and why it’s easy for us to have fun with it.

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