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We believe in a future where animal products are animal-free.

There are those who wish the world was different, and those who work to change it every day. At Modern Meadow we are working tirelessly to see this new future materialize; one where humans make the material and the animals roam free.

Our team unites smart, passionate, and caring people who innovate new materials to excite customers and do better for the planet. Biology and materials science are our foundation, engineering and analytics our strength, and design our core. We're unlocking the capabilities of nature to solve our biggest sustainability challenges.

Ryan Kaesser Associate R&D Project Manager
Annelie Koller Experience Design Lead
Design + Biology + Engineering

We spent the 20th century mastering chemistry to turn oil into high-performance, tunable synthetic materials. We learned how proteins fold, we sequenced our own genome and learnt to read and write with DNA. Now we’re using those tools to build the high-performing, biological materials of the 21st century.

We’re harnessing the collective power of design, biology and engineering to biofabricate a new material age.



Design features throughout our process, from organism design and process design to materials design and design collaboration with our partners.



We’re using living cells to grow nature’s materials. Today we make bioleather materials called ZoaTM from a process entirely free of animals.



Our cell engineering optimizes collagen production while materials science and engineering organizes our fiber structure to deliver an array of advanced materials that can be combined with any other material, natural or manmade.

Our leadership…

Executive Team
Executive Team Board of Directors
Andras Forgacs CEO
Suzanne Lee Chief Creative Officer
David Williamson Chief Technology Officer
Susan Schofer VP, Business Development
Bridget Russo Chief Marketing Officer
Rex Liu VP, Finance
Luck Dookchitra Head of People
Gabor Forgacs CSO
Kevin Gironda Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
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60+ team members set to double over the next few months

We’re excited to create a whole new landscape of bioleather materials never before possible.

Suzanne Lee, Chief Creative Officer
Labs, Workshops, and Atelier


Labs, Workshops, and Atelier

Our home reflects that we’re a pretty unique bunch. Our world-class biology labs feature the latest technologies for molecular biology and process engineering along with the world’s smallest tanning drums. (We designed and built them ourselves.)

Like in all good sci-fi, we wear black lab coats. We suspect we’re the only biotech company with a sewing machine. If you like to put your feet up while reading the latest scientific paper, you’ll be cozy in our Meadow room.



Creative, engaged, inspiring

We cultivate a supportive environment accommodating different work styles. We hail from across the globe and can sing Happy Birthday in 9 languages. (Can you make it 10?)

We are a belly-dancing biologist, a racing-driver mechanical engineer, a fashion-blogging cell engineer, and a Chinese-poetry-loving materials scientist. What’s your story?

office, culture
26 ¼ houseplants:
some of us have green fingers, some not so much
Backed by world-class investors